Civic Imaginaries Study: Re-Imagining Caracas

As Caracas turns 451 years old, an in the middle of a horrid hyperinflation that reaches over 13,000%, Venezuela’s capital city faces significant challenges. Beyond declining infrastructure, a symptom of the nation’s general and profound crisis, caraqueños are having a hard time enjoying and living their city. Santiago de León de Caracas, -just Caracas, forSigue leyendo «Civic Imaginaries Study: Re-Imagining Caracas»

Understanding Activism Release

Big thanks to Rhize for organizing a great panel on Understanding Activism. Facebook Live recording here. Full report here  From Activism is under attack, and Rhize’s groundbreaking report, Understanding Activism, has the data proving that civil society is part of the problem but can also be a part of the solution. Download the report.

Five ways in which this wave of demonstrations in Venezuela is different

By Rachelle Krygier May 25 at 7:00 AM Protesters clashed with security forces in Caracas, Venezuela, on May 18, in the latest demonstration during weeks of anti-government unrest. (Reuters) CARACAS, Venezuela — For nearly two months, Venezuelans have been holding almost-daily demonstrations against the government of President Nicolás Maduro, demanding early elections, more democratic rightsSigue leyendo «Five ways in which this wave of demonstrations in Venezuela is different»

World Insight: What is behind Venezuela turnmoil

By CGTN’s Ding Dai The divisions among Venezuelans and between the government and the opposition are not new. And protests have been going on since the economy went bad. Prices rose by 800 percent in 2016, with the IMF predicting inflation could hit 2,200 percent by the end of this year. Meanwhile, the economy shrunk bySigue leyendo «World Insight: What is behind Venezuela turnmoil»

Why Protesters in Venezuela Today Should Resist Responding to Violence with Violence

Peaceful protests almost always work better than violent ones – even against repressive governments.       Most Venezuelans taking part in today’s “mother of all marches” against President Nicolás Maduro are planning to do so peacefully. Even the country’s most outspoken opposition leaders are using the language of nonviolent resistance. Not everyone is on board. Government securitySigue leyendo «Why Protesters in Venezuela Today Should Resist Responding to Violence with Violence»

Luchando por Venezuela / Fighting for Venezuela

For the second time this week, hundreds of thousands of people will protest in the streets of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. They demand the impeachment of President Nicolás Maduro who’s been in charge of the country since the death of Hugo Chavez in 2013. The reason: the deepest crisis the country has ever faced. Maduro isSigue leyendo «Luchando por Venezuela / Fighting for Venezuela»

Boycott, conflict and change: Can Venezuela’s president be unseated peacefully?

Venezuelans want to resolve the ‘dangerous’ crisis in their country in a peaceful, democratic, constitutional and electoral manner. Will President Maduro’s regime continue to boycott that possibility?  On December 6, 2015, the Venezuelan opposition won control of the National Assembly (AN) for the first time since chavismo rose to power, 17 years ago. In aSigue leyendo «Boycott, conflict and change: Can Venezuela’s president be unseated peacefully?»