Campaña: Reforma Electoral

En 2016 tuve la oportunidad de coordinar la campaña del Centro de Estudios Políticos de la UCAB por una Reforma Electoral, elaborada en el marco de una alianza amplia con diversos grupos de la Sociedad Civil. Este playlist recoge la pieza audiovisual, ganadora de Bronce en los premios ANDA 2016, junto a otros materiales de la campaña que diseñamos y produjimos.

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Ponencia: Movilización popular y democratización (Video)

Expertos nacionales e internacionales debatieron el jueves 14 de julio en el foro “¿Democratización? La Dinámica del Cambio Político en Venezuela”, acerca de la necesidad de buscar acuerdos a través de procesos de negociación para encontrar solución a los problemas del país. Consulta las ponencias aquí.

Inside Story: Ousting Nicolás Maduro

Venezuela is unravelling as shortages of almost everything push people to their limits.

Almost 90 percent of Venezuelans say they don’t have money to buy enough food and many are forced to make do with a single meal a day.

Riots and mass lootings are on the rise and calls for President Nicolas Maduro to resign are growing louder.

The opposition has begun checking signatures on a petition to start a recall referendum against him.

It needs to validate 200,000 signatures or 1 percent of the electorate, to kickstart the process to recall Maduro.

After that, 20 percent of voters or around four million people, will need to sign a second petition to trigger the referendum.

For it to be successful, an equal or greater number of voters that those who elected the President, will need to vote in favour of a recall.

That means more than the roughly 7.5 million votes Maduro received in 2013.

But is the opposition a credible alternative to socialist rule? And how is the unrest in Venezuela being viewed regionally?

Presenter: Dareen Abughaida


Daniel Fermin – Researcher for the Center of Political Studies at the Andreas Bello Catholic University.

Michael McCarthy – Research Fellow at the American University’s Center for Latin American Studies.

Vanessa Neumann – Founder and Chief Executive of the trade integrity consultancy firm, Asymmetrica.

Entrevista en el programa Inside Story de Al Jazeera, el 21 de junio de 2016

World Insight – Venezuela clashes continue as economic collapse looms (Video)

Venezuela is in the midst of a severe economic crisis, suffering from food and power shortages. President Nicolas Maduro has issued a state of emergency decree to try and regain control of the situation, but demonstrators have held massive rallies in opposition. Professor Yang Zhimin of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, David Fermin from the Andres Bello Catholic University and Maricruz MaGowan of the National Economists Club discuss the possible options left for the Latin American country.

Entrevista para el programa World Insight canal chino CCTV el 20 de mayo de 2016.

Inside Story: Is Venezuela on the brink of collapse (Video)

Bread, medicine and toilet paper are just some of the basic necessities Venezuelans are struggling to find.

Low oil prices all over the world have hit the country hard. Public services are disappearing and US officials are warning that the entire country is on the brink of collapse.

President Nicolas Maduro has announced a state of emergency to deal with the economic crisis. He says it is necessary to combat what he calls foreign aggression, which he blames for Venezuela’s problems.

Government officials say the state of emergency will allow better distribution of resources.

But it could also give security forces more power. Critics are also worried about Maduro’s threat to seize closed factories.

So what impact will this crisis have on Venezuela and the region?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Sonia Schott – Independent journalist and political analyst

Daniel Fermin – Researcher for the Center of Political Studies at the Andres Bello Catholic University

Vanessa Neumann – Founder and CEO of the trade integrity consultancy firm Asymmetrica

Entrevista para el programa Inside Story de la cadena Al Jazeera el 16 de mayo de 2016.